Damage Protection Plan

A Program Designed for Property Owners
and Travelers.

A Program Designed for Property
Owners & Travelers.

$1,500 In Damage Protection

Although rare, accidental damage from guests does happen. Traditionally, this was managed via a security deposit or vacation rental damage insurance purchased by the guest. Both are cumbersome and often have big limitations in protection.

With the damage protection program, accidental
damage from a guest is covered unless it's specifically
excluded such as, but not limited to, normal wear and
tear, odor, mechanical breakdown, or maintenance.

A guest damages furniture

Whether it was intentional or accidental, there is no need to worry. Simply take photos of the damaged furniture, submit it to Waivo, and purchase an equivalent replacement before your next guest arrives. Waivo has got you covered!

A guest steals a television

Waivo offers the broadest protection in the industry, and this includes coverage if something is stolen from your vacation rental. Submit a copy of the police report and Waivo will get you reimbursed quickly.

You find your rug stained with red wine in your post-stay inspection

Unlike many other damage protection programs, Waivo defines spillage or stains as damage so you can rest easy knowing you can take the time to properly clean or even replace the rug if necessary. The best part – you do not need to worry about contacting the guest and navigating that uncomfortable conversation. Waivo has eliminated the need for guest communication when damage occurs.

The Dreaded Security Deposit

It’s a pain point for managers, hosts, owners, and guests. There are other damage insurance programs available, but many are far too labor intensive and take both the control and revenue away from the managers. Hence, the birth of Waivo™, vacation rental damage protection done right.

Waivo, a sister company of Proper Insurance, was created to give property managers and hosts peace of mind protection, a seamless solution for their guests, and an additional source of revenue. It offers the broadest protection in the industry and has been designed to save you valuable time and resources.

Relax and Enjoy Your Stay

It’s vacation time, so enjoy it with the peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens and damage occurs, you are protected under Waivo!

This waiver does not negate your responsibilities as a renter for items outside of Waivo’s responsibilities.

Damage Protection Plan (DPP)

TheVakay offers A damage protection plan via Waivo. Waivo is a company that sells damage protection plans which covers $1,500.00 of damage per rental. Our free membership, gold membership and platinum memberships will have the option to purchase the plan (DPP) damage protection plan; either the VHO (vacation homeowner) or the renter. With the silver membership plan, only the VHO (vacation homeowner) may choose to purchase the DPP. If the VHO or the renter purchases the DPP, they agree to pay TheVakay $49.00. All memberships and properties who are signed up for the DPP will pay directly to TheVakay $49.00 for administration and enrollment into the DPP. The minimum expense for damages to be covered is $50.00, therefore an expense of Less than $50.00 will not be covered. Coverage is for accidental damage, extra cleaning due to damage, and theft. The maximum coverage is for $1,500.00.

• A theft damage notice must have a police report submitted. A Damage claim must have pictures available of the damage. A theft and damage claim must be submitted to Waivo and copied to TheVakay notified of the loss within 14 days of the occurrence.

• The short rental agreement between TheVakay, VHO, and Renter must attach Addendum A as part of that document.

• TheVakay in no event is responsible for any damages and theft Payment. TheVakay is in the position to only help facilitate the (VHO) vacation homeowners and Traveler in obtaining damage protection coverage.

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