No Fees? That's Right!

Your booking will not include any extra fees from us. If you’ve used AirBnB or Homeaway/VRBO, then you know all about those pesky service fees that add hundreds to your vacation. We don’t do that! We never have and never will! Because no fees is TheVakay Way.

Simple To Book

Finding and booking your next Vakay is simple! Our filters will help you find the perfect property in the size and location you need.

Amazing Properties

Discover a variety of properties in your budget in amazing destinations that offer you the space, amenities, and privacy you need. You will find rental properties such as condos, cabins, lake and beach houses in hip cities and charming villages. We have the perfect property for you.

TheVakay Mission

After years of being frustrated by all the fees when booking a rental with Airbnb and VRBO, we thought there has to be a simpler way to put the guests and their budgets first. So we started a vacation rental program that still finds the perfect property in amazing locations, in your budget that's simple to book, but without tacking on those pesky fees from us that can add hundreds to the cost of your vacation. We also wanted you to be able to call the homeowner at any time during the booking process or while you're staying there to ask any questions about the property. We think booking should be simple and fee free! That’s TheVakay Way!

Top Rated Properties

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Are You a Property Owner?

Listing with TheVakay Way costs less than Airbnb or VRBO and keeps your property booked all year. Try us for free to see!